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SAPID Authorization interface

Logging into SAPID

You can log-in with a user account and password.

Interface of site structure managing with Drag and Drop Structure management interface. Supports Drag&Drop mechanism.
Document properties changing Adding or modifying site document. Increesing tree process doesn't require page reloading.
Templates management interface Templates managament interface.
Template editing Editing template. XML Sapiens objects helper is active.
Module editing Editing Dynamic Data Container (DDC).
Algorithm of XML Sapiens scenario Algorithm of XML Sapiens scenario
XML Sapiens scenario debuging XML Sapiens scenario debuging
Site viewing in the administration mode Site navigation during administrative session.
Site editing in the administartion mode Direct document editing with MS IE
Direct document editing with FireFox (WYSIWYG) Direct document editing with FireFox
Insert image in the WYSIWYG Adding a picture.
Stats viewing interface Statistics interface. Diagrams.
Stats viewing interface Statistics interface. Daily report.
Stats viewing interface Statistics interface. General report.
SAPID Messenger SAPID Messenger

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