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XML Sapiens Pointers

XML Sapiens pointers are applied for referring to the content of objects in the data representation code, or in the data container body. Data pointers return the values of CMS enveroment variables. Reference to the variable value can be echieved by using SAPI:APPLY element or SAPI:%Attrib attribute. The pointers to the containes return data container content.

For example:

<sapi:apply name="var1.value" /> <!— Enveroment variable pointer -->
<sapi:apply name="qc.body.value" /> <!— Query container pointer -->
<sapi:apply name="sdc.footer.value" /> <!— SDC pointer -->
<sapi:apply name="ddc.mainmenu.value" /> <!— DDC pointer -->
<a sapi:href=””>link</a> <!— Pointer in HTML element attribute -->

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