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Dynamic Data Container (DDC)

Dynamic data containers (see Dynamic Data Container, refer to the fragments of the document displayed on the website. The content of these containers is based on a functional algorithm. These containers contain the description of functional algorithms.

For example:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<sapi version="1.0" xmlns:sapi="">
<sapi:ddc name="menu" title="ddc" ns="site1" category="navigation">
<sapi:name>Max Baryshnikov</sapi:name>
<sapi:comments>Vertical menu with subitems. CMS SAPID.</sapi:comments>
<sapi:when exp="1">
<sapi:for-each select="get_tree()" name="enum">

<sapi:apply name="this.this.spacer.value" /> › <a class="active" href="../../../../"><sapi:apply name="this.this.TITLE.value" /></a><br />


<sapi:apply name="this.this.spacer.value" />› <a class="inactive" href="../../../../"><sapi:apply name="this.this.TITLE.value" /></a><br />


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