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Creation of the Site Structure

For structure management you should go to “Structure” interface. You may use Drag&Drop technology for management of the structure tree, which is located in this interface. You need to hook on icon of a folder and drag it to a new place in order to change location a tree item. Do you want to copy an item from a tree branch to other one? No problem. Hold the Ctrl key and do like for item dragging. If you want to save changes, press appropriate button , which located under the structure tree.

Creation of a new structure item

It should be mentioned that logical item and subitem of structure in SAPID CMS are site documents. In other words, they are resources, which are identified by a unique Internet address. You need to click “Add subitem” link corresponding with the parent tree element of the item being created for a new logical item. While doing this, you will see a window with query of the item name, its address and its template. Query for the mask of this document selecting will be seen in the window as well. What is the purpose of this mask? If the structure item being created is a pointer to selecting the parent document (e.g. news selecting by an year, month or day) you must denote this with an appropriate mask. The following masks are available:

# - integer (for example, #### means four-symbol notation of a year)

#+ - transition to a certain entry

Thus if you want to organize the news address of your news channel in an expanded form “a_news_channel_address/year/moth/day/news_ID”, you should transfer the item of a news channel to the hierarchical branch of masks - ####, ##, ##, #+.

When you create a structure item, you can specify access permissions for this item. UNIX model is used for this purpose. You will need to specify an item owner, a user group of the item and permissions with format owner/group/all (e.g. 777).

You need to click on an item title in the structure tree in order to go to some site document. Then it's necessary to press “Edit” from the right part of administrative panel in order to edit the current document content. You can change content of the document blocks defined by the template. Press “Save” button from the right part of administrative panel to save changes.


The 751 mask of access to document means document is managed by an owner or group. Site visitors can have access to the document, but document's link will not be seen in site navigation. This mask is convenient when you need to manually specify the link to a certain document in the contents of a page.

See an interactive help course at

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