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What is Site and Shat is CMS

We often use “CMS” term having in mind site management software. In some way, this is correct. However, we had better define terms “site”, “CMS” etc to avoid dual interpretations in SAPID context.

All information available in the Internet and having defined internet address we imply as document.

Site is a set of documents concerned with each other. Site can contain language versions. A set of sites, concerned with each other, is an information area.

CMS SAPID allows you to manage structure relationship of socuments, it's language versions and even information area i.e.manage structure tree.

CMS SAPID allows you to manage content of the document or of a part of a document.

CMS SAPID allows managing of documents presentation (way this document looks like) and their inner structure. This mean that CMS SAPID uses templates to unite groups of alike documents. Template contains presentation code of document (for example, HTML) and pointers to logical objects (editable content blocks, modules blocks etc).

CMS SAPID allows managing of web-services at your site and logic of its interfaces. All interface solutions (navigation forms, interactive forms, information lists etc) can be managed through SAPID administrative mode.

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