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Content Management

If you have installed SAPID and watched a demo site, all you need is to simply insert ( if MODREWRITE is disabled) and enter your login and password. If you didn't change them in etń/rc.conf.php, you can enter pass/pass.

Now an admin panel appeared on the top of the screen, but there's the same demo site under it. To edit any document you should choose it first (either with usual navigation or in Structure section), and then push “Content” button next to it. All dynamic data will be displayed as queries. You can manipulate content with WYSIWYG and then save the changes.

To delete a document or to add a new one you should go to Structure and choose an appropriate option there.

Document content editing

Document editing


How to Manage Site's News

The news management interface can able setup in the certain DDC (scenario). The distributive pack has following interface. If you go to “Infochannel” document you give this news list of the chapter. In editing mode (there is link in status panel) opposite each news deleting button will be presented. Above news list news adding button will be located. If you wish to edit the news you ought to go by link “Read more” to its content. A news content can able to edit as any other document.

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