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Informational Channel

Informational channel (infochannel) in SAPID means list of documents (news channel, articles channel, catalogue, gallery)

Infochannel is managing by DDC (for example, infocahnnel.xml), which communicates with CMS-applications. There is purpose of infochannel DDC in delivery mode to show certain number of document announces or content of selected document. In administrative mode this DDC specifies model of list management. You can specify certain list sorting or filtering by attributes or documents content. For that you should use CMS-applications parameters. You can use DDC parameters for multipurpose infochannel DDC.

You must specify source name (for example, CHANNEL(aname) ) in CMS-application calling string. In fact it is name of infochannel index file (/usr/xml/vdb/čě˙.xml). Data of this channel will be located in /usr/xml/vdb/čě˙.xml folder. If you wish sorting by any data field (QC) of an entry, you should specify index=”yes” in appropriate QC pointer.

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