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Global Variables




Site http-address


Absolute address of project


Email-address for FEEDBACK


Current charset


Language of interface

Environment variables

The $env array contains environment variables. The array is delivered to XML Sapiens processor and it is modified during document compiling. Thus array actual version in CMS-applications will be accessible as $this->env.

Environment variable is accessible in syntax XML Sapiens as <sapi:apply name=variable_name /> or &variable_name;



$env [http_path]

Site address

$env [area51]

Mode: 0-content delivery, 1- administrative mode(viewing state), 2- administrative mode (editing state)

$env [obj_cache]

Trigger of DDC caching

$env [default_charset]

Document charset

$env [default_language]

Interface language

$env [argv_string]

String of browser address string arguments

$env [noslash_argv_string]


$env [last_argv]

Last argument of the address string

$env [argv.{n}]

{n} element of the address string

$env []

Document identifier

$env [document.title]


$env [document.template]

Document template

$env [document.variable]

Document variable

$env [document.level]

Level of document structure nesting

$env [document.datetime]

Date of document creation in DATETIME

$env [page.CONTENT]


$env [page.pRead]

Reading permission

$env [page.pWrite]

Writing permission

$env [page.pCreate]

Creating permission

$env [user.LOGIN]

Current user login

$env [user.GROUP]

Current user group

$env [user.aStatus]

User authorization status

$env [argv][_]

Content of certain address string argument

$env [argv_nav][_]

Content of certain argument of address string navigation part

$env [len_argv_nav]

Numbers of arguments of address string navigation part

$env [argv_virtual.year]

Value of address string YEAR filter

$env [argv_virtual.month]

Value of address string MONTH filter

$env []

Value of address string DAY filter

$env []

Value of address string ID (entry ID) filter

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