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  • Easy in installation and usage
    To install free ware SAPID CMS you need extract distribution package to yur hosting server and execute install.php script. After installation you will get working demonstration site with a system virtual guide. Every system interface accompanied by numerous hints and comments. SAPID CMS uses direct editing technology which allows site administrators to browse a site in usual way and edit content as nesessery.

  • Minimal hosting requirements, platform independence.
    To use free ware SAPID yoã need minimal hosting-plan: a few megabytes of disc space and PHP 4.x. You may install SAPID even to free hosting server, which features PHP. If you need to move your project to another hosting server, just copy project files to new location.

  • Program core, built according to XML Sapiens concept.
    To create web-services or new site interfaces in the free ware SAPID CMS you do not need to learn PHP, you can use algorithms, described in simple XML Sapiens language wich allows to create and managed dynamical site areas. Also, you may use coed samples from public XML Sapiens Works Gallery available at

  • WYSIWYG (Visual editor for page content management)
    You can define editable areas at every page. It means that you can edit your site's content as easy as creting documents in MS Word.

  • Different presentation formats (HTML, XHTML, XML-Flash, SVG, WML)
    In SAPID CMS you are not limited to use HTML for data presentation. You can also use Flash, WML (WAP), XML with XSLT etc.

  • Friendly URL's
    If youê hosting server uses Apache Mod Rewrite module, then URL's of your site will be very simple and convenient: for example.

  • Web-services constructor
    If you need to create new user web-service, you will find out that this can be done easily in SAPID CMS.

  • Web-services
    Free ware CMS SAPID contains numerous functional solutions samples: navigation forms, infochannels, guestbook, RSS-agregators, surveys etc.

  • Multilanguage support
    Free ware CMS SAPID contains flexible structure managemtn interface which allows you to manage your site in multiple language versions.

  • Content migration utility
    If you need to copy existing static site into SAPID CMS, you may use SAPID content migration utility to automatically create managed copy of this site in SAPID CMS.

  • Ability to export your site to static HTML
    If you want to export your SAPID managed site to a static one, use SAPID export utility. It can create desired static copy and prepare your site for compiling into Windows Help format using HTM2CHM.

  • User groups and permissions
    You can create and manage multiple user groups with different permissions to site documents.

  • Administrative modes: basic and expert
    Free ware CMS SAPID features two administrative levels: basic (simple) and expert (advanced). Also, you can set up content manager account if you want to deligate permissions to manage your site to someone else. In this case system will allow content management for site's documents, no more.

  • SAPID Messenger
    While using SAPID you may face some problems. Using SAPID Messenger you can communicate with SAPID developers or other users, which may help you with any problem.

  • SAPID is open for anyone
    If you want to help SAPID to become better, you may propose any ideas or solutions. These proposals will be discussed and included in project if considered usefull. Use discussion board available at to share your ideas. Sourceforge project page available at

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