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Free SAPID CMS — a glance inside.
Latest SAPID CMS versions, system modules, documentaion.
How to create site (310KB, SWF)
How to install SAPID (542KB, SWF)
How to manage a site structure (147KB, SWF)

Sapid CMF reload, May, 03 2010
Sapid CMF 2 is in progress. It is going to be a new explicit architecture, new features and microformat support

SAPID CMF r.84 announced, Jan, 03 2008
SAPID CMF is a framework for rapid creation of content-based application of Web 2.0 generation. SAPID CMF allows to organize effectively process of new application development, data, structures, representation and functionality components reusing, rich user interfaces creation. Download it now Try it

XML Sapiens 2.0 is using within ECM, Jan, 08 2007
Red Graphic Systems has announced the release of Site Sapiens 3.0 Enterprise Content Management Platform built based-on XML Sapiens 2.0

New Releases, Oct, 12 2006
There were appeared new releases: SAPID 1.2.307, SAPID Personal Site 1.2.307, SAPID SHOP 1.3. There was added to all project tree loading caching and sapi:include constructions.

SAPID CMF is coming soon

SAPID is a tool for site creation and management. SAPID is distinguished through the comfortable Ajax-based site structure management interface and high flexibility of design, content and functionality integration. SAPID does not need DB (file-flat CMS). SAPID is inline CMS. It means that site documents are editable in a way “what you see is what you get” a document in delivery phase looks the same as in administrative phase.

SAPID uses XML standard for structure and content data storing. XML Sapiens ( is used as a user interface and functionality markup language. Data can be designed by means of HTML/XHTML, CSS, XSL or others. Site documents have friendly URLs (PDF, 120KBWhite Paper: Comfortable tool for the site creation and management).


  • Simple in installation and use
  • Minimal hosting server requirements, platform independence
  • Direct editing of document contents ability
  • Program core, compatible with XML Sapiens technology
  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. Supported browsers: MS IE 6.0, FireFox, Mozilla 
  • Different data presentation formats (HTML, XHTML, XML-Flash, SVG, WML)
  • Multilingual sites support
  • Addresses of site documents reflect hierarchy (friendly URL's)
  • Web-services constructor
  • UML-schemas for XML Sapiens scenarios (DDC) generator
  • Debugging and monitoring services for DDC
  • Samples of services: infochannel, banner rotation (GIF/JPG/SQF/HTML), guestbook, RSS-channel, RSS-aggregator, feedback etc
  • Special version: SAPID SHOP, SAPID BLOG
  • Samples of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementation. SOAP Client.
  • Content migration utility (projects import)
  • Ability to export your site to static HTML/XML/CHM (projects export) 
  • UNIX-like user management
  • Three administrative modes: basic mode, expert mode and content manager mode
  • Embedded instant messenger for SAPID community users
  • You can take part in project development and evolution

Project Samples Based-on SAPID

Simple eCommerce solution for small business

Author: Dmitry Sheiko
Download: SAPID Shop v.1.3
Manageable blog with different commenting channels

Author: Csaba Gódor
Download: SAPID Blog Beta 2
SAPID Gallery
SAPID Gallery - fully automates the process of viewing, publishing, and maintaining, your web-based multimedia or image gallery.

Author: Dmitry Sheiko
Download: SAPID Gallery v.1
SAPID Personal Site
SAPID Personal Site
SAPID Personal Site - it's the simplest sample of site construction based on SAPID. You can use it as clear distributive of the 1.2.306 version. You also can use this template to create you own simple personal site.

Author: Dmitry Sheiko
Download: SAPID Personal Site v.1.2.307

Try SAPID right now!

You can try site management with SAPID and XML Sapiens principles at Use link to login to administrative area (login: pass/password: pass).

You may also download latest SAPID sources and install it to your server. Start install.php script to perform automatic installation or use manual installation as described in SAPID documentation.

You can use XAMPP Windows for quick creation of Apache web server on Windows
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